Party Delights is an international chain of stores and online retailer specializing in the sale of party costumes and accessories.

I currently translate the entire Italian site, which has more than 15,000 items. On a nearly daily basis, I have to come up with catchy names for new product lines and choose the best keywords to position the products on search engines. And then I often need to adapt the descriptions of items for the Italian market because our parties and traditions do not always coincide with English and American ones.

Those with online stores and Amazon sellers often use machine translation to save money. But what does a non-professional translation actually cost you? If keywords are translated incorrectly, customers might not be able to find you at all. If the product description is confusing or not very attractive, many customers will go elsewhere. Are you sure machine translation is really worth it after all?

See my page on website translation from English or contact me for a free quote.

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