Icona traduzioni per il web

If you’ve come to my website, chances are you are thinking about how to reach those 76% of Italians who wouldn’t be able to use your English website. That’s a lot of people, isn’t it? I bet there are some potential customers among those. The best solution to communicate with them is to translate your content into Italian (or create new content specifically for them, as I’ll explain in more detail below), choosing the right words to spotlight your products or services…and, just as important, the right words to help Italian customers find you!

Have you already decided where to start?

You don’t necessarily have to translate all the texts that were written in English. Not right away, anyway. Sometimes it’s better to proceed bit by bit. For example, you could start with the catalogue on an e-commerce and think about the website later. Or you could create a web page just for the Italian market. Thereafter maybe brochures, leaflets, banners, and social media content. Do you know the most popular communication channels in Italy? As you can see, we need to make a targeted assessment of your business and market so you can understand where to start and choose the best strategy.

Translation alone is not enough when it comes to marketing. Units of measurements need to be converted and cultural references adapted. A consistent voice needs to be given to the entire brand, creating an effective slogan, making sure that the product names don’t sound funny to Italian ears (or worse, embarrassing). Then, translating keywords is a whole separate matter, taking research, working closely with your SEO manager.

Does it sound complicated? Don’t worry! I’m here to help.

  • I have a lot of experience in localization (this is the technical term for website translation).
  • I live in Italy and am always fully immersed in the culture of the Italian market. I use our expressions, and I know our tastes…who knows, I might even be one of your potential clients myself!
  • I have years of experience in the publishing industry, which has taught me how to craft words so carefully that they draw the attention of readers like a magnet and keep it on a book…or on your website!

How does my English-to-Italian translation for websites service work?

  • Send me some sample texts and we’ll talk about your business to give me an idea of the material I’d be working with.
  • If I think I’m the right person for the job, I’ll ask you a few questions to get a better idea of precisely what you need from the Italian translation. I’ll suggest which texts to start with and keeping your time frame and budget in mind.
  • When we come up with a strategy together, I will start translating, working side by side with your SEO manager, your social media manager, and other communication managers.
    As soon as the translation is done, we’ll lay it out and upload it to the site. For the layout, if you don’t have your own trusted graphic designer, I’d be happy to suggest one. If it was made with InDesign, I can work directly in the program and deliver the translation already laid out.
  • Before publication, I will check everything once more, either on the site or directly on the print drafts.

Once the translation is complete, I am always available to answer questions or translate additions. I can also create a glossary for your employees if you’d like to help them use a consistent vocabulary with your customers and suppliers.

What do I translate other than websites?

  • e-commerce catalogues and portals
  • Brochures, flyers, and other promotional material
  • Newsletters and business communications
  • Social content and blog articles
  • Promotional videos (see here about this service)

How much does my website translation service cost?

Each project’s cost depends on a number of factors, including how the text is, if there is technical jargon and if you need additional services like keyword research and glossary building.
To give you a general idea, the translation of a single-page web starts at €100, plus €45 an hour for researching keywords, which I will do working closely with your SEO manager.
The translation of a one-page brochure starts at €40, plus €40 an hour for layout.

For jobs that repeat on a regular schedule, such as newsletters and articles, we can make monthly or quarterly arrangements.

Do you want a multilingual website?

In keeping with professional ethics for translators and to ensure top quality, I only translate into my native Italian. But I do work with colleagues from different countries and can coordinate a multilingual translation project for you. Let’s talk about it!

If you want to add a video to your website or translate an ad into Italian, check out my subtitle translation service.