Stefania Marinoni

Hi! I’m Stefania Marinoni and I’m an Italian translator specialized in creative texts. I work from English exclusively into my native Italian.

This is what I do:

I translate marketing material (website copy, brochures, product description, tagline..)  and editorial texts (books, articles, essays…).
Anything that has to be written and translated in a way that effectively grabs the attention and emotions of readers.
For these types of texts if you translate them word for word (or, even worse, with Google Translate), the results are utter disasters!
They are often full of cultural references that Italian readers just might not get. I do more than just translate — I help my clients understand how to fine-tune the Italian content to make it more effective. This service has to be based on a relationship of trust and dialogue with my client, which is easier to build when there are no go-betweens.

I have been a freelance translator since 2013. After earning my undergraduate degree, I completed a Masters in Translation program at the University of Siena and a Digital Communication class at the Business School Il Sole 24 Ore. I have also taken a great many workshops and seminars to always keep on learning and improving. I am a qualified member of AITI, the Italian translator and interpreter association, and I adhere to their code of professional ethics and conduct.

If you’re looking for a professional to translate your words into Italian, check out the services I offer!

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